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I placed an order with them, actually the company name is NET SHOPS, they send me an e-mail with estimate delivery dates between 25th to 28th of Aug/08 but they use Bax Global to do the last part and on Monday I received a confirmation that the cargo was shipped out but when I call Bax Global to confirm the delivery date they told me Sept, 2nd. I buy this patio furniture for an event that I was planned for Saturday 30st, based on the initial delivery dates.

When I call Bax Global to expedite the delivery (no matter at what cost) they told me that I need to coordinate with NET SHOP which is the shipper (in shipping industry the shipper is the one who has the authorization to make any change on the cargo, that is normal), the worst part was when I called patio furniture customer service (funny ha) to ask for that, they said can do nothing when the cargo "was shipped" and told me to talk with Bax Global, and again they Bax told me to contact NET SHOPS "again", I also send them an e-mail but no answer; I feel like a Ping Pong ball with out results so far.

It is amazing that I can not change the delivery to received my cargo earlier and the most unbelievable is as a smart people and because I make a complain they withdraw the charge on my account which was a debit pending (you know until they confirm that I receive the cargo) to avoid any further claim. What a clever they are.

At the end of the day and to be safe I have to cancel the event and make the ridiculous with my clients and friends, that really looks bad.

For the records, I know Bax Global was right, just the shipper can make changes on a shipment.

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